MoŠito wa Afrika was founded by Molebogeng Rapetswa and Reggie Scheepers whose dream it is to change people’s perspectives in a way that brings healing, understanding and empathy toward each other. Through music, interactive drumming, and guided conversations in a workshop setting, myths and false perceptions about the past are challenged and a new way of thinking is created.


MoŠito wa Afrika is a non-profit-making company set up to create and manage social upliftment initiatives for the benefit of especially children and youths in schools, correctional facilities, and other community structures. The board of directors consist of social activists working tirelessly to impact the lives of South Africans and the international community.

MoŠito Has Two Primary Functions:

  • To structure and manage social-change workshops that:
    • Foster healing, understanding & empathy among young people specifically in the areas of culture, religion, race, and gender.
    • Give our youth hope for a future through musicianship training, career guidance and entrepreneurship training/opportunities.
  • To cultivate strategic partnerships with individuals, corporations, and non-profit organisations who are able to contribute to these social upliftment projects in the form of skills, products, knowledge, finances, and/or volunteers.


  • Stru Movement
  • Brothers in Beat
  • The Apprentice Corporation
  • The National Eisteddfod Academy
  • Isicqi Manufacturing


Inspired by the truth – past and present – Stru movement hosts and facilitates Interactive workshops with the aim of changing perspectives and mindsets by having guided conversations on thorny cultural and economic issues.

Stru debunks myths that have been passed on through the ages and persist today. Poor characterisations of people, cultures, races, religions and behaviours that have been identified as preventing unity, tolerance, healing, and understanding within schools, companies, and communities.

In order to debunk myths and create understanding, Stru uses case studies that are well researched by a group of social scientists and anthopologists that study human behaviour, history and politics.


Brothers in Beat specialises in team building and fitness experiences using a group drumming activity called interactive drumming. Companies like Microsoft, FedEx, and Mercedes Benz invite them when they require team building or event entertainment. With Rock Star Interactive Drumming the group drums together to the accompaniment of popular music.

Brothers in Beat’s corporate drumming experience called Rock Star Interactive Drumming has proven to be a very effective way of getting people focused and prepared for the Stru strategic conversations. Where the group is usually shy and reserved about sharing and offering opinions before the drumming, after the drumming session, MoŠito has found that people are more responsive and participation levels are immediately and instantly heightened.